The Live Green Co

Extreme Tech Challenge Alumni

Santiago, Chile

Nature offers 450k plants, 10Mn compounds & a Billion data points! Why still produce food filled with synthetic additives? The Live Green Co is a FoodTech & Triple-Impact startup that blends ancestral wisdoms of plant nutrition with biotech & machine learning to develop plant-based foods of the future. Thank to their AI software, Charaka, they can rapidly identify natural, functional & sustainable plant compounds to replace not only the animal, but also the synthetic and highly-processed ingredients in our food products.

Stage of funding:

Pre-Series A

Mentoring needs:

  1. Expertise in Food Industry
  2. Fundraising

About the founders

Pri and Kanth the co-founders at Live Green Co are so passionate about Food and Sustainability, they moved 18000 kms from India to Chile in 2018 to pilot Live Green Co before scaling it globally. To give its best chance to the startup to succeed, they invest all the funds into it and started living a minimalist lifestyle in a tiny home made of shipping containers on a farm.

Priyanka Srinivas

Founder & CEO, Chile & US: Masters in Retail Management and Ex Calvin Klein, French Connection UK and Target Corporation. Top 100 Women Leaders of Chile (by El Mercurio) and Honoree ‘Women Building the Future’ (by Vegan Women Summit & Impossible Foods)

SasiKanth C

Co- founder COO, Chile & Mx: BITS Pilani & London Business School. 15yrs entrepreneurial experience with awards from Business Week Asia, FYSE Hong Kong, BITSAA Global and the likes.