The Addition Company

Miami, USA

The Addition Company is an early stage startup based in Miami. We are addressing rising sea-levels through the convergence of three technologies: 3D Printing, material science, and sensor tech. We are using robotic arms and gantries to 3D Print living seawalls that function as coral reefs and have embedded sensors that track water quality data and communicate via 5G. With each seawall, we are expanding a global network of live water data. The seawalls are also reinforced with recycled marine plastics and are exponentially cheaper, stronger, longer lasting and better for biodiversity and the quality of water than conventional seawalls.

The Addition Company is proving its concept and economics in Miami but will quickly expand world-wide as there are 507 cities at risk from rising sea-levels by 2050. In most of those cities, conventional seawalls are cost prohibitive and residents are facing mass migration. We will capitalize on Green Bonds and deliver seawalls that are both affordable and better for the environment in order to save coastal communities.

Stage of funding:


Mentoring needs:

  1. Technical (Blue tech/Marine construction)
  2. Fundraising

About the founders

Anya Freeman

Anya Freeman is the Founder & CEO of The Addition Company. She is originally from Ukraine and together with her family lived in Israel, South Africa, and China before settling in Miami to attend law school. Anya worked for the US Attorney’s Office and the Honorable Terry Hatter at the United States District Court before opening her own law firm focused on policy and litigation. Anya is a member of the Peter Diamandis Abundance 360 community that is at the forefront of converging technologies, which empowered her to leave law and launch The Addition Company in 2020. Anya is extremely passionate about technological solutions to global challenges that both benefit the environment and have scalable economics.