Quintessence Labs

Extreme Tech Challenge Alumni


In our digital era, cybersecurity has become a critical risk for numerous industries such as health care, infrastructure, banking etc. These risks are pushing governements to view cybersecurity as a national concern.

QuintessenceLabs is the leader in quantum cybersecurity. Their products integrate quantum technology with high-value security, including the fastest true random number generator, and their crypto-agile key and policy manager, keeping organizations secure today and tomorrow. The building blocks of cyber security lie in random numbers – and not just for encryption, but also for authentication, signing, key wrapping, one-time codes, nonces, and more. 

Stage of funding:

Closing Serie B+

Mentoring needs:

  1. Tech stack/roadmap to maximize SAM/SOM and accelerate market adoption
  2. Go-To-Market strategy
  3. Market positioning 
  4. Value proposition
  5. Access to F500 customers

About the founders

Vikram Sharma

Vikram Sharma founded and leads the Canberra-headquartered company QuintessenceLabs, which is now at the forefront of the global quantum cybersecurity industry. Vikram holds a Master of Science in computer science from the Australian National University (ANU), a MS in management (Sloan Fellow) from Stanford University, and a Doctorate in quantum physics from ANU. Prior to QuintessenceLabs, Vikram successfully built several technology companies, including a consultancy firm providing IT services to the Government of Australia, and one of the first private ISPs in India. Vikram’s TED Talk on “How Quantum Physics can make Encryption Stronger”, has had over 1 million views.