Katapult Ocean Alumni

Allerød, Denmark

Paralenz has developed the world’s first tailor-made high-end diving camera, which features a sensors to collect ocean data, enabling users to seamlessly capture and share underwater videos.

Paralenz allows for the seamless capture and sharing of underwater videos with the world to make an impact. Paralenz have developed a technological product that includes the world’s first tailor-made high-end diving camera, which features sensors to collect ocean data. They have also developed a software application for data collection to keep all your dives in one place. You can organize your dives with their intelligent dive log and make them shareable. Share your dives on TheOceanBase and get inspired by dive footage from divers worldwide. Paralenz contributes to data gathering and monitoring of the ocean. It has an indirect impact on environmental issues connected to our oceans through the use of big data. With every dive you share on TheOceanBase, you share valuable Ocean data with scientists worldwide to help them improve ocean monitoring and protection.

Stage of funding:

Raising Series A

Mentoring needs:

  1. User community building
  2. Big data management

About the founders

Martin Holmberg

The engineering background of Martin led him to start his career in tool engineering and product design. He has always had a entrepreneurial mindset which inspired him to launch two startups, MOEF A/S in 2006 and Paralenz in 2015. A diving enthusiast himself, Martin was always surprised how complicated it was to obtain good pictures of his underwater adventures without heavy and specialized equipment. He had to make it accessible to recreational divers without compromising the quality of the image. Paralenz was a success in all metrics, and additionally contributed to scientific research worldwide by sharing precious information with ocean expert labs