Katapult Ocean Alumni

Stockholm, Sweden

In wild harvest, nearly 90% of the world’s fish stocks are fully exploited which is why overfishing is threatening species and full marine ecosystems to die. In fish farms the capacity is now so maximized and dense that we need pesticides to keep them clean, which consumers end up ingesting together with mercury and microplastics. What if we could create an alternative to seafood that has all the good nutrients and none of the bad chemicals? Hooked Toona on this mission to offer plant-based alternative seafood products. Their first product, the Hooked Toona, is made from sustainable soybeans, sunflower oil and algae which is kind to our ocean and packed with 17% protein. It also tastes great!

Stage of funding:

Raising Series A

Mentoring needs:

  1. Distribution
  2. Partnerships
  3. Sales
  4. Marketing

About the founders

Tom Johansson 

Tom has always loved the taste of seafood, but in recent years became more aware of the global sustainability crisis around oceans and especially fishing. Not only do we endanger multiple fish species and their related ecosystem, but there are also a non-negligible amount of ingested pollutants in seafood. With his background in industrial engineering and management, as well as his extensive experience with P&G as market strategy and manager, Tom decided to take action and launch Hooked in 2018.