UNDP Barbados Accelerator Lab Alumni


The mission of The Accelerator Lab for Barbados and Eastern Caribbean is to promote out-of-the-box thinking and experimentation towards the sustainable development of their ocean-based economic sectors.
One of their portfolio cutting-edge project is the BlueBOT, focusing on monitoring and mapping Caribbean coral reefs using artificial intelligence (AI) and evolving technologies.

The semi-autonomous underwater robot can collect real time data to better monitor ocean health and impacts of climate change. This robot is collecting data such as type of fish and reef species, temperature and depth. All data can be classified by machine learning algorithms. During a 90min deploy cycle, the robots can collect up to 20,000 high resolution images. Using machine learning models, BlueBOT project can monitor ecosystem down to 200ft and can acquire data faster and more accurately than human divers. This project could allow policy makers to monitor endangered species, but also assess storm damages and better plan conservation and restoration efforts around the ecosystem surrounding the Caribbeans.

The BlueBOT can also be extended to virtual tourism, by which the numerous (live) videos acquired can make you travel in virtual reality from wherever you are. The project could engage, inspire and educate a new audience unfamiliar with the underwater world. The project would also directly support the local Caribbean economy and protect the reefs by reducing human presence.

Stage of funding:

R&D, pre-seed

Mentoring needs:

  1. marketing at scale
  2. business development
  3. fundraising

About the founders

Steve Hollingsworth

The Sheldon Cooper of the BlueBot duo, Steven, wears several hats: chemical engineer, developer, batman and ocean aficionado. When not toiling away in his underwater bat cave, he teaches children the fundamentals of coding. Steven is also experienced to building programs for children on the Autism spectrum as well as designing personalities for artificial conversation.

While working on several ideas for their Start-Up company Bajan Digital Creations Inc. (BDCI), both Steve and Stacy came across the UNDP’s call for marine conservation projects. With an arsenal of underwater research, developmental Ai software and a budding relationship with Youcan Robotics in Shanghai, a Coral Reef Mapping proposal was crafted, submitted, and successfully won funding. However, BlueBot was way more than a business opportunity, it was without a doubt a way for both of them to use their talents and skills to make a difference beyond the commercial environment.

Stacy Phillips

When not being the company’s tech translator and business co-founder, Stacy’s inner nerd is channeled into being a communication and media specialist, visual designer and user experience designer. Stacy also has a heap of experience managing complex commercial and philanthropic projects, as she currently volunteers with several Non-Profits assisting with branding and design.

She excels in execution, creativity design and strategy. She loves to laugh at her own jokes, possibly the side effects of once being a radio announcer or just Steven’s spar.