ARC Marine

Katapult Ocean Alumni

South West Coast, United Kingdom

Every project impacting the marine environment such as coastal defence, oil & gas and offshore renewable installations, now has the potential to work with nature by physically enhancing and restoring the capacity of the ocean to what it once was. Embracing the simple concept of using Reef Cubes® technology, developed by ARC Marine®, allows those man-made projects to create reef ecosystems that will become a resilient incubator for marine fauna and flora. Reef Cubes® are made entirely out of an eco-friendly concrete mixture with added sustainable reinforcement to ensure durability and leave a positive, low carbon marine impact on our oceans.  Reef Cubes® are engineered as eco-scour protection for wind turbine installations, can stabilise cables & pipelines and support mangrove restoration efforts.

Stage of funding:

Seed 2

Mentoring needs:

  1. Partnerships & Overseas Licensing
  2. Markets
  3. Fundraising
  4. IPO experience
  5. Legislation/ Insurance liability

About the founders

Tom Birbeck

Tom has experience in commercial diving, aquaculture, and sustainable fishing. He co-founded ARC Marine after extensive research into man-made reefs which led to the prototyping and subsequent invention of Reef Cubes® technology. Tom successfully led the company through a seed round of investment and the R&D phase of Reef Cubes®, whilst establishing ARC Marine into the “Deep Tech” sector in which it gains momentum. His vision is for ARC Marine to pioneer the opportunity to convert every offshore construction project into a thriving marine ecosystem that can be designated for either marine conservation, habitat restoration, sustainable fishing & restocking programs and most importantly, scientific monitoring & proactive management for long term sustainable oceans.

James Doddrell

As co-founder of ARC Marine Ltd, James has spent the last 5 years designing and developing suitable structures to replenish rocky reef habitats around the world. He is co-inventor/co-developer of their patented Reef Cubes® product. Reef Cubes® are a low carbon, marine friendly composite structure that caters for marine organisms of all types and stages though their lifecycles. James ensures ARC’s products are designed with nature in mind as all global enterprises should. He has developed a great range of practical hands-on experience in construction, design, entrepreneurship and invention. His life-long ambition is to leave a positive impact on the world and help build a better future for all. He is passionate about diving and life under the water.