We are a platform to accelerate the growth of NGOs and for-profit companies focused on improving our society and the health of our planet, defined as “Tech for Good”, through mentoring and capital.

Mentors and investors come from our network of successful entrepreneurs, scientists, government officials, artists, conservationists, and executives.

1. For-Profit Ventures

Extreme Tech Challenge Alumni

The Live Green Co


The Live Green Co uses technology to blend nature & science and develop plant-based foods of the future.

Quintessence Labs


QuintessenceLabs is the leader in quantum cybersecurity and a pioneer in quantum key distribution, protecting information from the threat of quantum computers.

EH Group Engineering


EH Group Engineering is focused on the design and production of innovative hydrogen fuel cell



BeFC produce electricity with papers and enzymes. Their paper biofuel cells provide an ecofriendly and sustainable energy solution for low-power electronics.

UNDP Accelerator Lab Alumni



BlueBOT focuses on monitoring and mapping Caribbean coral reefs using artificial intelligence (AI) and evolving technologies.


Karachi, Pakistan

BioCrocks makes edible crockery out of Wheat Brann, a product of agricultural waste which is completely biodegradable; an alternative to polystyrene.

Katapult Ocean Alumni

ARC Marine

United Kingdom

Embracing the simple concept of using Reef Cubes® technology, developed by ARC Marine, allows man-made projects to create reef ecosystems that will become a resilient incubator for marine fauna and flora.


Stockholm, Sweden

Hooked Food’s first product Hooked Toona, an alternative to fish, is made from sustainable soybeans, sunflower oil and algae.



ATLAN Space proposes a fully autonomous network of aerial vehicles guided by Artificial Intelligence in order to achieve full coverage of large marine areas

Sustainable Ocean Alliance Alumni

Cruz Foam

Santa Cruz

Cruz Foam produces compostable foam made from the chitin of discarded shrimp shells which is a compostable, biodegradable alternative to polystyrenes.

Coral Vita


Coral Vita is growing climate change resilient coral up to 50x faster and outplanting them into dying reefs using a land-based model to scale up restoration.


Bay Area, California

Novoloop (formerly, Biocellection) turns unrecyclable plastic waste into chemicals and materials for automotive, construction, and 3D printing applications

Other Networks

The Addition Company


They are addressing rising sea-levels through the convergence of three technologies: 3D printing, material science, and sensor tech to print smart living seawalls protecting cities and marine life.



This pre-venture team at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University have identified novel microbes to economically and safely degrade complex mixtures of plastics into valuable byproducts.

2. Not-for-Profit Ventures

Sustainable Ocean Alliance Alumni

Go Zero Waste

Barcelona, Spain

Tech startup that develops solutions to enable a waste-free life. The Go Zero Waste app helps users find zero-waste products near them and develops challenges to build new habits. They partner with local municipalities and organizations to launch local campaigns for promoting a circular economy.

Divers Clean Action


1000+ Indonesian Youth running campaigns and workshops for zero-waste projects, do research, work on community development and CSR partnerships with industry.

Other networks

Coral Conservation Foundation

Nassau, Caribbeans

Using advance technology and land-based coral farming, the foundation plans to build the largest coral nursery in the Caribbean.