UNDP Pakistan Accelerator Labs

Peshawar, Pakistan

12 million tons of plastic end in the ocean yearly worldwide with only 8.7% of plastics being rapidly circled back in the economy. The remaining plastics, however, either require complex energy-consuming processes to be recycled, or it will go to trash. It is critical to foster behavioral and business changes to turn hardly recycled plastics into a valuable product. Greenovation provides waste management solution by collaborating with the local Pakistan government body by converting recyclable and non-recyclable plastics to Liquified Petroleum Gas. The major byproduct of the conversion process, Thermal Insulating Wax, can be used in houses and industries to for thermal insulation reducing the overall need for power consumption that is required in heating and cooling of the building. Greenovation proposes to both reduce the amount of plastic waste and transform it into fuel or insulation for a more sustainable future.

Stage of funding:

Recently closed Seed funding

Mentoring needs:

  1. Scaling
  2. Business development
  3. Fundraising

About the founders

Saad Bin Azam

Saad is a material science engineer turned entrepreneur with an innovative mind and the capacity to find new avenues to monetize diverse solutions leading to new ideas. He is passioned to dive into the causes of societal problems and help humanity. He recently created Greenovation to tackle the global and local issue of plastic waste management and recycling.


Muhammad Kashif

Muhammad has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Electrical engineering with both technical and managerial experience in industry. In 2019 he joined Saad to build Greenovation and apply his skillset to help develop a circular economy for plastics in Pakistan.