EH Group Engineering

Extreme Tech Challenge Alumni


EH Group Engineering is focused on the design and production of innovative hydrogen fuel cell technology. It is based on:

– A redesigned microstructure that delivers a power density of 1.5-2 times that of leading competitors’ FC products;
– A transformative assembly and production process which aims to radically reduce the price of FCs;
– FC stack technology that operates with a greatly simplified FC system and less parasitic loads.

Our product will therefore directly address the challenge of current unsustainable technologies that power our economy, but that are unfit for purpose in our times. For example, commercial vehicles both on land and water that require extended use, range and/or heavy payloads are primed for disruptive decarbonization that cannot be met by batteries alone (trucks, buses, trains, ferries, port vessels and other maritime vehicles, etc.).
These are just some of the markets that are poised to benefit from the wide-scale implementation of our innovative FC technology.

Stage of funding:

R&D, pre-seed

Mentoring needs:

  1. Scaling – production process
  2. Team building
  3. Expand to international market

About the founders

Mardit Matian

Mechanical engineer PhD Imperial College London design and heat management of fuel cell stacks. 20+ years’ experience fuel cells including PEM/SOFC, design, engineering & hydrogen production. Worked in major enterprises such as ABB and was Senior Project Leader at a market leading SOFC company. Responsible for technical development and strategy.

Christopher Brandon

Proprietary trader at major Swiss banks from 1995-2000, thereafter co-founded Rhicon Currency Management in Singapore, a leading FX hedge fund, managing assets for global institutional investors for over 20 years. MA (Hons) Economics University of Edinburgh. Having seeded the company, he is focused on business strategy and finance.