Go Zero Waste

Sustainable Ocean Alliance Alumni

Barcelona, Spain

Are you tired of living in a world filled with plastics? It is not uncommon to get home after grocery shopping with more plastic than food. Go Zero Waste is a mobile app that helps users find zero-waste products and stores near them. They partner with local municipalities and provide incentives to businesses that do the right thing, and are now located in 35 countries. Not only does it make consumption more sustainable, but it also empowers local businesses and communities with good practices, all that through technology and digital solutions.


Open to funding

Mentoring needs:

  1. Scaling
  2. User experience
  3. Expand to new markets

About the founders

Martí Morató

Marti has always been a social entrepreneur, levreraging his background in computer science and graphic design to help projects empowering sustainability and fairness. Concerned about the large amount of plastic we consume and the impact of our consumption on the planet, he decided to change our habits and co-founded Go Zero Waste App to promote a societal path to zero waste lifestyle.


Magda Cebrián

With her background in digital marketing and social media, Magda has helped several projects to successfully create and implement communication and marketing strategies for better brand awareness, and Public Relations. She is also passionate about Sustainability and Circular Economy, which led her to co-found Go Zero Waste App. She was in charge of running a crowdfunding campaign that raised 12.000 euros to fund the development of the first version of the app.