Coral Conservation Foundation

Nassau, Caribbeans

Coral is essential to the survival and health of our oceans, they provide physical protection to shorelines, create social hubs for marine life, and continually filter the ocean water. Due to pollution, increasing ocean temperatures, ocean acidification, and overfishing, coral reefs are being destroyed at rate that leaves professionals estimating that most shallow water reefs will be destroyed by the end of the 21st century. Using a micro fragmentation method, we can leverage coral’s natural reproductive style to scale growth and return this fundamental piece to our oceans’ ecosystem.

This method was accidently discovered by Dr. David Vaughan, and subsequently tested on all species of coral in the Caribbean. The traditional model for coral reestablishment can yield, on average, 100 corals annually. With micro-fragmentation, Dr. Vaughan’s team can deliver 6x that amount in one afternoon!

We are well on our way, and have established our pilot location in Nassau, Bahamas, where we will break ground for our first land-based nursery. Led by Dr. David Vaughan’s and his team of specialists, this center will produce over 100,000 corals for planting, per year. Nassau will serve as the flagship regrowth location, with the intent to expand to other regions and islands around the Caribbean.

Additionally, those locations provide lucrative Corporate Social Responsibility opportunities for both local and global actors.


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About the founders

Geoff Bell

Geoff’s 20-year entrepreneurial background specializes in reorganising revenue focuses to facilitate competitive scalability in small and midsize companies. He has a history of building sustainable partnerships in a diversified portfolio of investments, and ownership in entertainment, technology, and environmentally focused companies. Currently the President of Arria NuSutus Inc., Geoff utilizes experience and tactical planning to build profitable businesses, with firm foundations, and lasting impact. Geoff began his career as a commercial diver on the West Coast of Canada and has always respected the importance of the planet’s oceans. It is through the Coral Conservation Foundation that he seeks to combine his passion for the ocean, and entrepreneurism for lasting, sustainable change.


Anthony Ferguson

Mr. Ferguson’s desire to pursue a career in investment management was born out his passion to help people avoid financial difficulty. Throughout this career he has stayed true to those values, helping clients to solve their financial problems, and to assist savers make a reasonable rate of return on their investments. President and Founder of Colina Financial Advisors Ltd., Mr. Ferguson established CFAL in March 1997 with a team of industry leaders to provide institutions and individuals investment and pension management solutions. As a native Bahamian, he has observed the change in the ocean, and the impact it has on people. Therefore, he is committed using both his business experience and personal background to make this initiative impactful in the Bahamas, and elsewhere.