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Karachi, Pakistan

BioCrocks is an eco-friendly alternative to polystyrene plastics. In Pakistan, with more than 45% of our population linked with agriculture, there’s a lot of agricultural waste which remains un-utilized and is eventually burnt. BioCrocks makes edible crockery out of Wheat Brann, a product of agricultural waste which is high in nutrition and fiber, as well as completely biodegradable. It is the base material for their products and degrades within 30 days of disposal.

Edible crockery has many advantages: it reduces the spread of cancerous materials like polystyrene crockery, and its sustainability makes it better for the environment and especially the ocean where most plastic wastes end up. Through BioCrocks, the founders are trying to reduce single-use polystyrene crockery, empower our local community of farmers through job creation, and contribute to the economic growth of our country.

Stage of funding:

Recently closed Seed funding

Mentoring needs:

  1. Scaling
  2. Business development
  3. Go-to-market
  4. Fundraising

About the founders

Muhammad Ubaid Soomro

Muhammad has a strong background in industrial engineering and management, logistics and supply chain. He has rapidly evolved from managerial to executive positions within Al Rahim Textile. He recently co-founded Biocrocks to help reduce plastic wastes in Pakistan al help the local population lean towards a more sustainable future.


Farhan Ahmed

Farhan is a passionate entrepreneur and professional industrial engineer who aspires the vision of ‘self-sufficient Pakistan’. He aims to bring in opportunities rather than moving out for those. He not only envisions green revolution but also likes to engage with diverse communities; likes to go far off, attends social gatherings as well as gets into the business talk very quickly. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Of ‘BioCrocks’-which aims to bring renewable revolution in the field of disposables. He believes that green revolution is the way forward for ‘self-sufficient Pakistan.