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Electronics integration in disposable medical and wearable medical devices has become increasingly important. The button or coin cell power sources used are difficult to recycle, toxic or dangerous to the environment. The development of safe and ecological devices is often a barrier to the progression of single-use and single-patient devices.

BeFC produce electricity with papers and enzymes. Our paper biofuel cells provide an ecofriendly and sustainable energy solution for low-power electronics. Using enzymes to convert glucose and oxygen into electricity, our technology is metal- and plastic-free. As CNRS spin-off, our technology is protected by a portfolio of patents. We are now scaling up production towards a printed roll-to-roll process, bringing pricing towards alkaline batteries. BeFC also produce ultra-low-power electronics optimised to marry perfectly with our paper biofuel cell technology. We know the future will be smart, but at BeFC we believe it can be smart and sustainable.


Stage of funding:

Raising Serie A

Mentoring needs:

  1. Scaling the team
  2. International business development strategy
  3. Regulations and standards for international distribution
  4. Scaling up hardware production

About the founders

Jules Hammond

Our founders have a mixture of academic and industrial backgrounds, with prior experience with startups. In fact, our co-founding advisory board have lead some of the largest global companies, and taken startups from creation to IPO. Jules has a background in electronic engineering and a PhD in electrochemistry, with two University spinoffs created with IP transfer exits.